The Voice of Your Audience

Fizziology is a consultative social media research company focused on the media and entertainment industry. We help studios, networks, production companies, talent and brands listen in on the real-time reactions of audiences so they can make informed decisions.

Fizziology uses proprietary, best-in-class technology and industry experts to turn big data into meaningful insights, including performance tracking, audience targeting, content development and strategy.

Humans, Not Robots

Our people-centric approach provides accurate data, a flexible platform and consultative analysis and service.

We don't stop at volume and sentiment


We don't stop at volume and sentiment. We go deep with quantitative and qualitative analytics to provide insights around audience segmentation, geo-analysis and conversation triggers.

Multi-Platform Analysis Analysis


We track across social networks to ensure a variety of conversation and sentiment and an accurate reflection of the entirety of buzz.

Expertise and Insights

and Insights

Tracking multiple industries means we have the data and experience to provide meaningful comps, context and consultation.