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So, if you are thinking to move on from your current work location and want to proceed for the next or better opportunities for whatever the reason is but you are getting confused about how to write a resignation letter for this current company and what you will write so that they easily accept your resignation letter. In this kind of situation you came to the online search. Well, in your online search you have reached to the right place. Here you will surely get the samples for the resignation letter template.

Resignation Letter Sample

While writing a resignation letter you should be aware about the format of writing the letter. These templates provide you the standard layout of the resignation letter. And it becomes easy for you to write down letter for your own. As this letter is also going to use for your professional purpose so you cannot write down in the informal format. You need to write down in a standard format so that it got accepted with the positive vibes.

Letter of Resignation Template

Letter of Resignation Template

Steps you need to keep to mind or follow for writing resignation letter:

  • Your intention for leaving the job should be mentioned only they can analyse on the basis of your reason and give permission to leave their company.
  • Your introduction with name only is not enough write down your designation or position (job role) in the company.
  • Write down your date of joining and foe how long period you are part of their firm.
  • For the safe or giving positive impact you can also mention this thing that you can stay here for some time and also comfortable in providing training to your replacement so that your company work will not get effected with your decision of leaving this position.
  • You can give good luck wishes to the company and can be thankful to them for giving you the opportunity to work with them.
  • Give your contact information at the end section of the letter.

Resignation Letter Format Sample

resignation letter format sample

All these points you need to mention in the letter no need to write down extra stuff in it which does not relate to the topic.

But if you still have some confusion regarding the content and how you can write down an effective letter which your HR will not able to reject and you can proceed with new opportunities and explore more in your career. You can take help of examples of the resignation letter which are also available online.

Sample Resignation Letter Download

Sample Resignation Letter Download

And different kinds of templates are also available online with the help of which you do not have to worry about the layout or format of the template and just keep the above written points in the mind and mention them in a correct way in your resignation letter.

Free Sample Resignation Letter Download

Hopefully, your resignation letter will get accepted in the positive manner and you will be able to explore more with the new environment or place. Keep in mind that you have to write down genuine reason in the resignation letter and it should be a valid reason only then it will get accepted.

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