Non – Disclosure Agreement for Employees

NDA is nothing just a form of contract which is signed in between of two or more parties, NDA is known as non – disclosure agreement in which two parties agree on any conversation and decided not to disclose any information or share it with any other person who is not involved in the particular confidential conversation. If you are discussing any kind of confidential information with anyone then you can feel to sign a non – disclosure agreement and it is also considered as a very important agreement specially for business purposes. This agreement is also very important when you are trying to keep any information secret as this agreement bounds the person for not sharing it with anyone else.

Employee Non Disclosure Agreement

Now, we are going to tell you about different points which you should mention in an NDA agreement look them below :


1 . Purpose of writing: If you are writing or signing a non disclosure agreement for employees example then it by own indicates that you are not allowed to share any kind of information with anyone other than your partner or authorized person. When you sign the NDA you should read every term and condition where you should be aware about the terms on which you are writing or signing as you are accepting them. One of the conditions from these is that the information should be completely confidential.

2. Disclosure: The another paragraph is of disclosure in which you have to disclose each and every information to the other party and it will also make a good impact over the reviewer. In this agreement, both of the parties are not allowed to disclose any kind of information about which they are aware.

3. Restrictions: In this topic all of the restrictions are mentioned to which a person is bound and this will also create lots of restrictions over the person with whom you are going to sign this agreement and by signing NDA the person become restricted towards opening this information with any other employee. A reviewer is allowed to disclose any kind of issue with those person who are required to know it but any kind of reason.

4 . Effective date and time: On a non disclosure agreement it is important to be specified that when you are writing it or signing it and up to what time this agreement is valid means proper date and time should be mentioned over it. You can write or sign a NDA even for a day or for a month or for year this time limit completely depends over the need of company or both parties requirement and level of protection.

5 . Restrictions in NDA: There are also some restrictions to which NDA is bound and it should not contain such info like anything which is related to the public record are not allowed to be mentioned in a non disclosure agreement employee termination. If their is any information or knowledge or info which is very common to your field then this should also not needed to be mentioned in your agreement.

Some Mistake to Avoid in a non Disclosure Agreement

There are some points or mistakes which unknowingly created in a non disclosure agreement but you should avoid such type of mistakes like as of :

1 . Whenever you sign NDA with any party or with whom you are going to share your confidential information it is important for you to cross check that party as they are loyal and trustworthy or not. You should also check that opposite party is having a legal name fir their company and are enclosed in some legal trades.

2 . Confidential limit : You should not become personal with the opposite party it won’t matter that what information you are sharing or which kind of relationship you are having with them , it is better to share your confidential information in a particular limit and also keep some most important things as a secret.

3 . Be aware to sign by insufficient authority to bind : Thus point says or lead you to blunder that you are signing with a person who is not authorized and is insufficient  to bind with you so it becomes necessary that both of the parties should be aware and know the person with whom they are signing.


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