Malayalam Calendar 2018 with Malayalam Holidays

Malayalam calendar is also known as the Kollavarsham or the Kollam era, the Malayalam calendar is a sideral Hindu calendar which is based on the solar-lunar which is mostly used in the Kerala of India. This calendar was originated in Kollam in around 825 CE , the month which is present in the Malayalam month are followed from the Sanskritic Sauramasa which is also known as the solar month convention.

Malayalam Calendar 2018

The major festivals of Malayalam calendar which are celebrated in Kerala are Vishu and Onam which are celebrated their on the 1st of Metam and on the star of Thiruvonam respectively which normally falls in the month of Chingam, so these are the two major festivals which are celebrated by the people of Kerala. When the month Chingam gets started its first day which is known or celebrated as the new year of Kerala as in the previous time the new year of Kerala was celebrated on the day of Vishu. Hence, the month of Makaram starts on it’s the first day the festival of Makaravilakku is celebrated by the people of Kerala in the Ayyapa temple which is being situated at the Sabarimala, this is also marked as the grand finale between the two month period of the Sabarimala Pilgrimage.

According to the calendar of Malayalam tell the 1st date of the Makaram is considered as the winter solstice or Uttarayanam and the starting date or first date of the Karkatakam is considered as the Summer solstice or Dakshinayanam for Kerala people or population of Malayalam. If we goes through the astrological calendar then it is found that the summer solstice gets started on the 21st of June and the winter solstice get started on the 21st of December.

Malayalam 2018 Calendar

In an ancient time in Malabar region the new year was celebrated on the 1st of the Karni and in Travancore region the new year is celebrated on the 1st date of Chingam. Then, later on after the government of Kerala makes the Kollam varsham as their regional calendar in which new year is celebrated on the 1st date of Chingam season and it was adopted for the Malayalam new year too from that day onwards. If we looks for the astronomical calendar then we can find that the Metam is first month of this calendar which is also identical to the Chaitram of Saka Varsha and the first month of this calendar is marked as the vernal equinox.

So , as the Malayalam calendar is followed in Kerala, therefore, most of its festivals are celebrated with according to the Malayalam calendar and the agricultural practices by farmers are also based on this calendar. As everyone needs a calendar for being properly scheduled and managed so , today here we have brought up the Malayalam calendar for the coming year 2018 in which you will be going to get the printed list of holidays and festivals also. The best part of the calendar is that you are going to get it completely free you do not need to pay anything for this calendar and can plan your days and schedule with this list of holidays and festivals for 2018 Malayalam calendar.