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Fizziology tracks feeds from the big three of social media - Twitter, Facebook and blogs - as well as visual analytics sources like Instagram and Tumblr - around a variety of industries. We collect, score and analyze this social conversation to provide meaningful business intelligence. Our approach centers around 5 key points:

Humans, Not Robots

Our people-centric approach provides more accurate data, a flexible and customizable scoring platform, and consultative analysis and service.


We don’t stop at volume and sentiment. We go deep to provide insights around audience segmentation, geo-analysis and conversation triggers.

Multi-Platform Analysis

We know there are nuances in the kinds of conversation that come from each source, so we track multiple sources to ensure a variety of conversation and sentiment and an accurate reflection of the entirety of buzz.


Tracking multiple industries means we have the data and experience to provide meaningful comps, context and consultation.


We don’t provide a social “clipping service” or recommend Facebook campaigns. Our insights are real, specific and meaningful. From changing box packaging based on audience insights to unique media strategies based on audience analysis, our insights deliver value.