Islamic calendar 2018 | Hijri Calendar 1439

The calendar is a common need in every home and day by day it is becoming important in our life. The calendar is used for different purpose like the planning of event, vacation or it also helps to give the exact date of the festival. If you have calendar then you can plan your year or day accordingly. Everyone can use the calendar, there is no age limits, the child, old age people, Man and women all can use the calendar. The calendar has become the important and necessary thing for all human. If you want or waiting for Islamic calendar, then your wait is going to end. Yes, today we are going to provide you the Islamic calendar of 2018, now you can download it from our site. The Islamic calendar is also known as Hijri or lunar Hijri calendar, Arabic calendar, Urdu calendar 2018.

Islamic Calendar 2018

1439 Islamic Calendar, Islamic Calendar 2018

It is known as lunar Hijri calendar because the lunar month is based on the revolution of the moon around the earth, the time taken by the moon to revolve around the earth is 29 and 1/2days. Everyone can use the Islamic calendar but it is mostly used in Islamic countries like Iran, Pakistan, south Arabia (where it is also known as Arabic calendar 2018), Afghanistan, Mauritania, Yemen, Turkey etc. According to your needs or requirement, you can download it in any format, as it is available in the various format of Arabic calendar 2018 on our site.

Arabic Calendar 2018

Arabic Calendar 2018, Urdu Calendar 2018

Nowadays, most of the calendar is lunisolar so that everyone can use it but everyone has their own choice and thinking as some religious-minded people follow and search for Islamic calendar only. They planned their events, festival, and vacation according to the Islamic calendar only. There are 365 days in Islamic calendar according to the revolution of the moon. Moreover, the festival is given in lunar Hijri calendar 2018 are only based on Islamic festival as it is used mostly in Muslims country. All the festival and dates are included in the calendar according to moon revolves around the Earth. Let us have some looks on the month of lunar Hijri calendar 1439 or the Islamic calendar 2018.

There is no difference in the number of the month between solar-calendar or lunar Hijri calendar, both has 12 months in number.

Urdu Calendar 2018

Urdu Calendar 2018, Islamic Calendar 2018

First month is Muharram which means “forbidden” where the second month is Safar that means “empty” third month is Rabiul-Awwal which means “first spring”, the fourth month is Rabi-uthani which means “second spring”, fifth month is jumadi-ul-Awwal which means “first freeze”, sixth month is jumadi-uthani which means “second freeze”, seventh month is Rajab which means “to respect”, eight month is Sha’ban which means “to spread”, ninth month is Ramadan which means  “parched thrist” where the muslim keeps fast for 1 month, tenth month is Shawwal which means “to be light and vigorous”, eleventh month is Zhul-Q’aba which means the “month of rest” and the last month is Zhul-Hijja which means it is the “Month of Haji”.

Hijri Calendar 1439

Hijri Calendar 1439, Islamic Calendar 2018

Every month have their own meaning and many festivals to enjoy. Every month have lots of festival events but the Eid is favorite and the biggest festival for everyone in Islamic countries. All festivals are close to their heart but EID is very closed Festival to them because they wait for this festival by keeping fast for one month. Every festival in the months has their religious story written in the holy book “Quran”. There are many more festivals in Islamic calendar that are very religious to them. Let’s focus on some important festival of the Islamic calendar 2018

Makkah Calendar 1439

Makkah Calendar 1439, Islamic Calendar 2018

As you know that there are 365 days in this calendar, all the dates and days are important but celebration on every day is not possible because of daily activities but some dates are more important in religious views and it has important to celebrate for the happiness of the people and the family. Yes I know many of you are waiting for the calendar just because of knowing the date of celebrations that is festival celebration. If you are festival lover and want to know the important dates then this is helpful to you because we are going to provide you all the important dates for which you are waiting. So, we are going to focus on festivals and important dates of the islamic calendar.

Ramadan is on May 16 to June 15 2018

Eid al-fit is between 15 to 17 June 2018

First day of haji is on the 19 August 2018

Day of sacrifice is on 21 August 2018

The days of joy is from 22 to 24 August 2018

The prophet’s birthday that is also called mawlid an-Nabi which is on 21 November 2018.

Many important dates are listed in calendar which can only download by just clicking on the image and you will get all the important dates and festivals of Arabic or lunar Hijri calendar 2018.

Islamic Holidays 2018

Arabic Calendar 2018, Islamic Holiday Calendar 2018

In Islamic calendar, you can see all the festivals and the important dates which are given. You can enjoy or plan your day by just downloading the calendar from our site. We offers you to download the calendar without paying any charges that is free of cost.

Anyone can use any calendar but the things again come is the religions and their festival. These calendars mostly used because of their specialty that is, its festivals are based on moon revolution that is mostly celebrated by Islamic countries. So, these calendars are mostly used by them, the countries like Bangladesh, Dubai, south-Arabia used these types of calendar. You can also download this calendar by clicking the image.

Every person has different requirement and use the calendar for different purpose. So, by keeping these things in mind we have different types and formats of Islamic calendar 2018. No need to go anywhere for downloading the calendar, as according to your needs we have provided all types of the calendar on our site. You just need to select your types of the calendar that you want and just click the image so you can have it. All the calendar in our are absolutely free, we do not demand any charges for downloading the calendar.


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