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The Importance of Cross-Platform Analytics

The world of social media analytics is getting smaller by the week. In past months, Twitter has acquired social analytics dashboards Bluefin Labs, Trendrr and Second Sync. And yesterday they announced the acquisition of data provider Gnip. Gnip competitor DataSift says they will continue with business as usual with their Twitter firehouse access, but DataSift clients have to wonder how long this will last with Gnip now in-house. (For the record, we at Fizziology work with and are big fans of Gnip).

As platforms and dashboards consolidate, it’s important to not lose sight of what the market really wants from their social media data: insights that matter. It’s not about Twitter, it’s not about Facebook, it’s about having a pipeline into audience opinion. And that audience is not single-source. They provide a rich and unique mix of opinions on multiple platforms, each valuable in its own way.

Twitter gives us quick, raw feedback. It’s perfect for gauging interest, intent and reaction to stimulus, like TV shows, movies and their marketing materials. And the features the Twitter firehouse offers are undeniably the most robust. Facebook gives us a unique view into what people want to share more intimately with friends and family. For entertainment properties, it brings a different demographic and psychographic group to the mix – one that we need when trying to understand the bigger picture of awareness and intent. Blogs help paint broad strokes for reviews, and Instagram and Tumblr show us what kind of content and memes fans are creating. None of these in isolation tell enough of a story. And more importantly, our clients don’t want to see data from just one source; they’re demanding a multi-platform view.

We’ve heard from clients over the last few months that they fear us becoming single source. Fizziology is committed to providing cross-platform analytics, insights into what audiences want, and recommendations on how to best market to them. We have built great relationships with each platform. We love what each of them provides, and we will continue to mine data from all of them to provide the best insights possible.

Jen Handley
COO & Co-Creator, Fizziology

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