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BMI chart or we can say body mass index chart is used to check the health or fitness of the body. There is difference between the BMI charts for men and women as the weight or body structure for the genders varies. Fitness experts or doctors give the advice to track your fitness record with the help of BMI chart as it helps to analyse your fitness in an easy manner.

What is BMI Formula / BMI Equation

BMI = x Kg/ (yM * yM). 

BMI = 68kg/(1.70*1.70) = 23.529 Kg/M

Units Of BMI Is KG//M2

This BMI chart consists of the variation of weight for the different age groups on the basis of height and weight and make the categories for normal, underweight, overweight, extreme obesity etc. so that you can analyse your weight from this chart and can make changes to your daily routine to lie in the normal weight category and become the healthy person.

BMI Chart Templates

BMI Chart Templates

When you check your weight with the help of this chart you become aware about your own health and you can take decisions to improve your health and save yourself for becoming fat and can help you to reduce or gain weight accordingly.

Which BMI Ranges Is Good?

There are varieties of templates available for the BMI chart which you can download as well. And the good part of these templates is these templates are available at free of cost that is you do not need to worry about the money. As when you go in the market and ask for the BMI chart than you need to pay money for this simple analyse paper. But here, with the help of internet you will find out variety of sites which do not ask for single penny to download or save these templates. And you will find out that there are numerous types of templates available online for BMI chat along with the option to download.

Printable BMI Table

Here, in this article you will find out different BMI charts which you can easily download and do not need to search for any other sites for this purpose to download BMI chart as you will get the desired template from here in this site without taking any charges from you. The different kinds of format or types of chart are:

  • Printable BMI chart in PDF Format
  • Printable BMI chart in Word Format
  • Printable CDC BMI chart ( to track the record for new born baby boys till 36 months)
  • Printable Adult body mass index chart
  • BMI chart formula for men
  • BMI chart formula and table index in PDF
  • Body Mass index for both the men and women
  • and many other free printable download formats available online

Printable BMI Chart

Printable BMI Chart, Printable BMI Chart Download

In normal cases, for women if the BMI indicates less than 18.5 then it is considered as the category of underweight and the normal range for BMI is 18.5 t 24.9 above this will be the overweight or obesity category in which you need to reduce your weight.

Adult BMI Chart

Once you download the required BMI chart template then you will get to know more about the BMI chart and how the analyse and track record is maintained with the help of this.

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