Formal Letters Examples For Students

Letters are the very important part of students life and it is very important for them to learn that how to write a good letter as on different phases of life we needs to write letter for different purposes, therefore, today we are going to share formal letter examples for students which will help them to get extra knowledge about letters with different formats and methods. It is very important for all to let you know about both formal and informal letters examples for students. As letters help us in expressing our thoughts in written form for different fields like business, school, colleges etc.

Importance of writing letter

In this technical and growing up a world most of the communication is conducted through digital medium like emails, messages or Whatsapp but still apart from this development letters are considered as text best means of sharing any private or necessary information with anyone. We still need to write letters for any academic session , any application , job, services, for any kind of complaint or for sharing our views with the others and this is the reason why we learn to write letters in the students life. So , we have brought up the formal letter examples of students by keeping this necessity in mind.

What to include in a formal letter

There are some essential points which are necessary to be included in any letter whenever we write it like as of address either business or private , greetings , context of letter , message to convey and the most important an effective and impacted ending. So , when we write any formal letter we need to mention the following information :

1 . Address of the sender at top of the letter on left hand side.

2 . Contact details of sender like telephone number or email address.

3 . The address of person or organization who is going to receive letter just below the sender address on left hand side.

4 . Now , mention date on which you are writing.

5 . Greeting to the receiver either sir or mam , you can use dear , Mr , Mrs , Ms or name if you knows the person who is going to read it.

6 . Next , section is of body in which you have to convey your message or what you wanted to say in brief but in an effective way.

7 . Complimentary close – Yours faithfully  or Yours sincerely

8 . At last mention your signature and name in Capital letters.

Some tips or point which you should follow while writing a formal letter for making it more impressive and effective :

Be concise always

It is very important while writing any letter that you write or mention your points briefly and with accuracy do not write any extra things which are out if topic , make it more simple without any design or long paragraphs or unnecessary words.

Use the formal tone

When we write any kind of formal letter for any occasion then it becomes very important that we write the letter in formal tone sometimes while writing we get in flow and uses the informal tone which can leave a bad impression over reader and it will seem wastage of time for both reader and sender so make it in precise , respectful and polite tone although you are complaining but don’t go rude.


Proofreading is another very important point for any formal letter whenever you complete writing letter or paragraph then you must re check it for any grammatical or spelling mistake , if you are typing it then you can also use the spell checker for accuracy. You can also cross check it by other people.

Use proper format in a presentable manner

It is always said that first impression is last impression so we should take care of this point and use the good quality of paper and envelope for making it more presentable.


Whenever you write the format of any formal letter you should properly check it and make it more correct and precise. We are also going to provide you the free formal letters examples for students you can also use them.

So , we are providing you different formats for various occasions for which you will be needed to write a letter , it is very important to check the formal letter format samples for better reference. One thing you should also know that these letters or formats are for formal while writing any informal letter example to a friend about the holiday or for any purpose the format of letter is completely different.


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