How To Write An Executive Summary Example for Report

Executive summary is the short or concise form of the long report which gives the overview regarding the report and helps the readers to know about the topic which is discussed in the long report. Well, the executive summary can be for the research purpose or business plan or any other report also.

So, if you are troubling for how to write a executive summary and need example for this then surely we will provide you the sample along with the description of the executive summary so that you will be able t write down an effective executive summary for your work.

Executive Summary Sample For Project Report

Executive Summary Sample For Project Report

For writing an executive summary, keep it as short as you can. No need to mention extra content in it. The executive summary main purpose is to give idea about the report. Do not proceed it more than one page as single page executive summary is enough length which you can use. And experts also give the recommendation to write the executive summary of 1 or 2 pages only. Two pages when you give proper details of the report.

In case of business plan executive summary you need to mention following terms:

  • Name of the business
  • Location of your business
  • Introduction of the biases and about what they are all about
  • Products and services which you provide
  • Purpose of your business plan

Executive Summary Example For Report

Executive Summary Example For Report

After writing all these in the second paragraph you need to mention:

  • Sales which you have projected
  • Sales per units
  • Profit you secured with this business plan
  • You can also add on charts and graphs to show the gross margin, sales, profits etc.

While writing executive summary you need to write it an effective or informative way so some suggestions which can help you in writing a good executive summary are:

  1. The subject of the report should be clearly described in the executive summary.
  2. You need to highlight and methods and tools used for the analysis and creating the report.
  3. You also need to mention or highlight the results and findings of the data while writing this summary.
  4. You can also mention problems you faced or solutions you find out for them while creating the report.
  5. Any kind of recommendation used for making the report is also included in the summary section.
  6. Limitations of the project or business plan can also be highlighted in the summary.

Executive Summary Template For Report

Executive Summary Template For Report

So, all these points needs to be highlighted in the writing an impressive executive summary. Keep in mind that executive summary should be clean, clear, about the topic, or idea. And it gives all the details of the project report or business plan or research report.

The examples will help you in clarifying all the points of the executive summary and hope you will be able to create an impressive summary by your own with the help of tips and examples. So, at the end again your executive summary should be abstract, concise and contains different aspects you faced while creating report like problems, problem analysis, solution of problems you faced, conclusion, recommendation and limitations all these different terms should be included for writing the good executive summary.

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