Chinese Calendar 2018 with Holidays

The Chinese calendar is the traditional one which is also known as the Luni solar calendar. The people of China mostly use the Chinese calendar not only China people in other countries with an astronomical perspective many people use the Chinese calendar. So , today we have brought up the Chinese calendar of 2018 for the people of China and it her countries as the new year is about to arrive and we all needs to have the calendar so , you can simply get this printable calendar of China for 2018 without any charges that is free of cost. The Chinese calendar has all of the traditional dates and holidays for the people of China which helps them in getting the information about auspicious days like weddings, funerals , beginning a business or moving any business.

Chinese Calendar 2018

According to the Chinese calendar the new day begins from the midnight and similarly the previous day also ends at the midnight and the month generally begins from the day with the dark or new moon and the year also gets started from the dark moon night in mid of the winter solstice and spring equinox. If we goes about the solar term these are considered more important in the Chinese calendar and there are normally 3 solar terms in the Chinese calendar for every month.

Chinese Calendar 2018 Today

The Georgian calendar in considered as the official calendar in China, but if we talk about the traditional calendar then there comes the Chinese calendar. Most of the countries other than China has completely adopted the Chinese calendar these countries are Korea, Ryukyu, and Vietnam. The traditional calendar of Japan is also a derivative of Chinese calendar the only difference in between them is that Japan calendar is based on the Japanese meridian. There are different types of festivals which fall in China and celebrate by the people of China for getting the complete details of festivals falling this year in 2018 you can simply download the printable Chinese calendar from our site in which you will get the full details about the festivals which is important.

Lunar Chinese New Year 2018

If we talk about holidays then, the natives of China are very hard working and a small holiday makes them happy as they like to spend it with their family, friends or loved ones and if you get the previous information about the holidays then you can easily make your plans for those days. As holidays are not only for going out you can also keep your mind stress free and made it feel relax and remove the burden or pressure of work.

Lunar Chinese calendar 2018

So , keeping the importance of holidays in mind we have also brought up the Chinese calendar with the printed list of all holiday which is going to fall in this year. The best part of it is that you are going to have this calendar free of cost what you have to do is just simply download this Chinese calendar of 2018 from our site and then have a print of out now you can easily schedule your plans with help of this calendar it will be going to help you a lot and save lots of time and give you the advance knowledge of coming festivals and holidays for this year which is 2018.