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The bill of sale is a very important document which is used by the owner when he transfer any of his items to any other person , it is basically a ownership form which is given by the seller ( a person who is going to sell the item ) to the buyer ( a person who is going to purchase the form ). The bill of sale is a document which is legally bound so that at the time of requirement it can also be present in the court of law in the form of proof given by the owner as an item’s ownership.

Bill of Sale Form 2018

Bill of Sale Form 2018, Bill of Sale template

This bill of sale has all of the pertinent information which is related to the sale of the item , also includes the contact information of buyer and seller with the warranty card ( if applicable with item ) and tell date of purchase at which ownership has been handover from the seller to the buyer. There are different types of form in which the bill of sale is based on the day to day record , a bill of sale can be any type it can be as small as the receipt you get for general things or it can also be as large as the record kept for the expensive purchases such as vehicles like cars and bikes.

Bill of sale form texas

Bill of Sale Form 2018, Bill of Sale texas

If we go through the legal perspective then the bill of sale is formed when both the seller and buyer are present live at the time of the agreement. So , for making your life much easier we have brought up different kinds of templates of bill of sale so that you can easily download the form and use it for your legal purpose without wasting much of your time.

Bill of sale example 2018

Bill of sale example 2018, Bill of sale

Now , we are going to discuss some of the main components which are necessary to be included in the bill of sale form –

Bill of sale template word 2018

Bill of sale example 2018, Bill of sale template

1 . Property location: In this section of the bill of sale it is mentioned that what is the location of item which you are going to sell like some typical information which includes the city, country, state etc.

2 . Seller information: In this section of bill of sale the contact information of the seller is clearly mentioned like their name, contact number , address etc.

3 . Buyer information: In this section of the bill of sale their is the contact information of the butter is mentioned like his / her full name, contact number , address etc.

4 . Price: In this part, the total price of the item is mentioned in which the buyer is going or have purchased the property.

5 . Mode of payment: This part of a bill of sale includes the mode of payment in which the buyer is going to pay money either cash , cheque, certified cheque, money order etc.

6 . Sales Tax: Sales tax is mentioned in the bill and it will effect the price of the property depending on the tax features.

7 . Property : In this section the date on which the particular property, vehicle or any item is going to be transferred legally to buyer is mentioned which also includes the warranty status of the vehicle whether it is under warranty or not and the buyer is also having complete right of inspection of the item which is mentioned in this section.

8 . Witness signature: This is last part of the bill of sale in which the sign and contact information of the witness is present like the full name of the witness , contact number , address etc.

The bill of sale in the legal consideration is a proof and represents that the seller has sold his item to the mentioned buyer and now he is not having any right to the property. But you can not say that this bill of sale is the proof of ownership it only indicates that the seller has transferred his / her property to the respective buyer which is signed by both seller and the buyer with the complete transaction details. So , if we look it from the buyer’s perspective then we can say that this is like an agreement for him before the exchange of any money as he has a proof that the seller has transferred his property to him now after it he can do the money exchange on the spot after getting bill of sale or later as mention in the bill it all depends on the agreement which has been taken in between buyer and seller. If you are going to have a template of bill of sale then it will be act like a contract in between of buyer and seller which is later on legally bound and signed with all formalities.

Bill of sale Template 2018

As the incomplete information or wrong information can create problems later so it is necessary that all of the detailed information should be mentioned properly in the bill of sale. For the seller it is mandatory to show full documents related to ownership for that particular property which he is going to sell , whenever the buyer ask in case of failure tell legal actions can be taken against the seller and the buyer can also refuse to sign the bill of sale.

Bill of sale DMV 2018

Bill of sale DMV 2018


So , we gave you the full and complete information about the bill of sale, what it is and its uses. You should also make sure that all of the necessary information should be clearly mentioned in the bill of sale and the important points are noted so that in future you will not get any kind of issue or problem related to the property or item you have sold or either purchased from anyone.

Simple Bill of Sale 2018

Simple Bill of Sale 2018, Bill of Sale 2018

So , today we are providing you the templates of different formats of bill of sale for the vehicles which will help you a lot and save your time. You just need to download them and then use it for your purpose and the best part of these templates are you are getting them free of cost yes right you do not need to pay anything for this form and you will also get the different types of templates which will definitely suit your requirement. So, for what are you waiting if you need one then download and print it from here absolutely free and in case if you face any problem then contact we will be here to solve your problem.


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