Top 5 Best Invoice Templates to Use for Business

Invoice template is used for the billing purpose. When you go for the summary of the services of goods provided by you to the client or customer and sum of goods expenses is termed as invoice. In this era of technology you will find out there are various types of invoice templates that are used for the billing via the online system and you do not need to have a booklet of invoice in your hand and manage the record in terms of papers as all the work is handled on the system.

These invoices can be used for business, freelancer, health care, medical, hotel, automobile services and many other fields.

Free Printable Invoice Template

Here, in this article we are going to discuss about the top 5 best invoice templates to use for business. There are various types of invoice templates which we would like to list over there:

  • Standard invoice
  • Commercial invoice
  • Progress invoice
  • Utility invoice
  • Pending invoice
  • Time sheet

Invoice Template to Print FREE

These are different types of invoices which you should aware about and are used in business purpose as well.

When you go for best Invoice templates then you can get these templates in PDF format or in Word format as well. Let’s begin with the templates for invoice which are popular over the internet.

Blank Invoice Template


  1. Simple invoice

This template consists of basic details of the invoice template and you just need to enter the description of the product or services and them need to perform calculation for the sum of products. This invoice is flexible and you can perform alterations very easily if required.

  1. Billing invoice

In this type of invoice you need to write down the hours or can be quantity which you have denoted for performing the particular task or service.  This includes the service description then quantity per product or service per hour and then rate per quantity or hours. After this at the end you need to calculate the sum according to this.

  1. Blank invoice

Blank invoice does not contain any description you need to write down all the content by your own. You will get the format of the invoice by which you will get to know what to enter in which place and then you can write down description of products or services without having any complications. This is best option if you want to understand the concept of invoice and you will become able to create invoice by your own after having experience on blank invoice template.

  1. Sales invoice

Sales invoice is other good option if you deal with the sales business. Here, you need to add on shipping charges description if there is any, calculation of tax to the products or goods, purchase order slips and all such kind of descriptions which is required to create the summery of the bill for sales purpose.

  1. Service invoice

There might be chances that you are providing services to the customers. In this case you also offer charges or fees for the service to the customers and charges can be on the basis of timing, complexity of the work, whether any addition of instrument or products while performing the service, any discount or offer also. All these things you need to keep in mind while making service invoice.

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Service Invoice Template

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Invoice Format in Word

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Invoice Template Google Docs

So, these are some best invoice templates which you can get at free of cost on online sites and can download and save them for your own purpose.