Bengali Calendar 2018 | Panjika 1425 with Holidays

The Bengali calendar is also known as the bong calendar or Bangla calendar or Bengali panjika. This Bengali calendar is based on the solar calendar. There are basically two types of the calendar which are used in Bengal first one is an official calendar which is used in Bangladesh and the other calendar which is used by the Indian states like West Bengal, Assam, Tripura etc. The word Poyla in Bangla means for the first so the new year is celebrated as the Poyla boishakh in Bangladesh and names as the same in the calendar.

Bengali Calendar 2018

Bengali Calendar 2018, Calendar Bengali 2018

They celebrate their new year in the mid of April which starts from approximately 15 of April. The era of Bengal is currently known as the Bengali Sambat BS and the year of Bengal has zero years which was started in 593 / 594 CE. There are different types of benagli calendar depending on the season which are in trend and used by the people of Bengal these different types of 2018 Bengali calendar which are –

1 . Bengali calendar – Jaistho 1425

2 . Bengali calendar – Baisakh 1425

3 . Bengali calendar – Aashar 1425

4 . Bengali calendar – Shraban 1425

5 . Bengali calendar – Bhadra 1425

6 . Bengali calendar – Aashin 1425

7 . Bengali calendar – Kartik 1425

8 . Bengali calendar – Agrahan 1425

9 . Bengali calendar – Poush 1425

10 . Bengali calendar – Maagh 1425

11 . Bengali calendar – Phalgoon 1425

12 . Bengali calendar – Chaitra 1425

These are above different types of calendars which are used by the people of Bengal. As the festivals and days all are totally different in Bangladesh so today we are sharing the calendar of Bengal for 2018. On this site, you will be going to get the printed Bengali calendar of 2018 Panjika 1425 in which you will also get the complete printed list of festivals and holidays which are going to fall in this coming new year of 2018 specially for the people of Bangladesh and other Indian states.

Bengali Panjika 1425 Marriage dates

Bengali Calendar 2018, Bengali Calendar 2018 template

This list of festivals and holidays in this calendar will help you a lot in scheduling you time and managing your work you can easily and comfortably manage your time with help of this printable Bengali calendar so that you will not face any problem and stress. You can simply download this calendar and then have a print of it which is completely free that is you do not need to pay any charges for getting this Bengali calendar of 2018.

Bengali Calendar 2018 Download

After downloading or printing this Bengali calendar today of 2018 you have to schedule your time or can use it for your reference and then just simply keep it with you or paste it in your study room, home, bedroom or anywhere you like. If in any case, you are facing any problem with downloading or printing of calendar then you can simply contact us we will be here for your help and this calendar will going to help you a lot in your work.

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