Tamil Calendar 2018 | Tamil Panchangam with Festival & Holidays

The Tamil calendar 2018 is the most used and first preferred calendar in Tamil Nadu , it is also used outside India by the population of Tamil which is residing in Mauritius, Malaysia, Singapore and Sri Lanka. The farmers Tamil Nadu needs the Tamil calendar for their proper agricultural activities and growing crops seasonally as it is all mentioned on the Tamil calendar which helps them a lot. Basically, the Tamil people use Tamil calendar or Tamil panchangam for their cultural, religious and the agricultural events in their state.

Tamil Calendar 2018

The Tamil calendar is known as the sidereal Hindu calendar which is based on the Hindu lunisolar calendar, it is not only used by the people of Tamil it can also be used by the people of Assam, West Bengal, Kerala, Manipur, Rajasthan, Nepal, Odhisa, Punjab etc. There are most of the festivals which are based and celebrated by the Tamil Hindu Calendar. The new year of Tamil is known as the Nirayanam vernal equinox which is celebrated on the 14th of April which is the public holiday in the whole state and in Sri Lanka also.

Tamil Monthly Calendar 2018

Tamil Daily Calendar 2018, Tamil Calendar 2018

The different months which falls in Tamil calendar are having great and deep significance with the faith of the Tamil people, there is some month in the year which is considered auspicious by them while there are also some months which are considered inauspicious by Tamils. When the Sun shifts from one Rashi to another Rashi in astrological means the months of Tamil calendar get start and end on the basis of sun movement. Everyone loves to have the break from their work and this can only be created by the holidays which fall every month so by keeping this need of people in mind we are providing this awesome list of holiday going to fall this year in the 2018.

Tamil Daily Calendar 2018

As Tamil people are very fond of festivals and holidays and celebrate them with full enjoyment we are today going to share the calendar of Tamil for this coming new year that is 2018 as everyone is waiting for it , we are sharing the Tamil panchangam with the completed printed list of holidays and festivals on this printable calendar. You can also use this printable calendar of Tamil for 2018 not only to look over holidays, dates, festivals this calendar can also be used for making your schedules and managing your time in the easy way which will help you in completing your work incorrect time.

Tamil Daily Calendar 2018, Tamil Calendar 2018

You can also set the reminder of some important dates and festivals in this list of the calendar which will help you in keeping remind for every important thing of your life.You can simply download this calendar of Tamil 2018 and then have a print of it, we are going to provide you this printable calendar completely free of cost that is you need not pay anything for this awesome calendar and can avail all of the benefits of it.

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