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Fax is the oldest way of sharing your documents and the first fax machine was built in 1842 , it has been a very long time since we are using fax machines and still, these are not considered as the past material they are still very essential. In all over the world, more than 17 billion faces are shared each year by peoples. You will be required to send fax in different situation like for interviews, at the time of internship etc.

Fax Cover Sheet 2018

Fax Cover Sheet 2018, Fax Cover Sheet 2018 free

Let us know something more interesting about fax and why it is still used so much , we will corm to know across that why we send faces and what are fax cover sheets basically. We will also provide you some of the fax cover sheet templates which can be used by you for sending your fax easily and without wasting much time by just simply downloading and printing it.

Why do we send fax ?

A new trend of online faxing has also been introduced but still people prefers to use the old way of facing by using fax machines. As fax is a method of sharing information with different parties and this method is acceptable in all over the world by everyone.

Fax Cover Sheet Free 2018

Fax Cover Sheet  template 2018

There are several places still where the reach of internet is very slow and they do not get a properly established internet connection , although the older business or which are on low scale they do not want to spend there money on the purchase of laptop or computer just for online sending so they are still using the traditional method faxing and find it more reliable. Those office in which the access to the computer or internet is a small scale such offices use fax machines for sending fax as fax machines are safe and secure to use.

Fax Cover Sheet Template 2018

Fax Cover Sheet Template 2018, Fax Cover Sheet example

A fax machine also provides us the full information that our fax has been sent successfully or not while other service like email or online message system doesn’t do so. If we talk about the legal document the court consider a fax as a legal document while an email does not come under any legal term or are not accepted by court as a proof as it is not possible to hack the fax machine which has been used from ancient time while the email can got hacked easily. So , there are several different reasons why peoples are more relevant to use fax machine for sending fax instead of online document sending.

How can we send the fax ?

It is important and interesting to know that how you can send your fax. There are basically two methods by which you can send your fax to any one which are by using fax machine and with online fax sending. Let us know about both of the methods –

1 . Sending fax with help of fax machine

First of all you need to put of your document which is needed to be send in the document feeder of your fax machine. You will see an icon on the fax machine which will itself told you that in which way your paper is needed to be faced in the machine. If you see the folded corners of paper in the icon then it shows that the fax machine is either reading the underside or the top side of paper only and you will be directed to face up or down of the paper and again place it in machine. Now , you will be required to enter the fax number to which you will be going to send your document. And after doing this just simply press the button of SEND , the appearance of send button is different on different fax machines it can be of green coloured mentioned with GO or START. So, clearly analyze the button and press it. You can be received by the confirmation page after your fax has been sent successfully by some machines while some do not in the case of no confirmation you need to wait till the scanning and transmitting of fax is completed.

Free Printable Fax Cover Sheet 2018

Free Printable Fax Cover Sheet 2018,  Fax Cover Sheet 2018

The document which you have sent from here will be received in the exact copy by the recipient in same manner as you sent. Now, you need to take up the original document and keep this with you or you can dispose of it as the information may be sensitive which can be misused so it needs to be shredded after sending. There are different types of fax machine available in the market with some additional options like of printing , scanning, copying machine etc. In some of the machines, you can also be allowed to schedule a date for sending your document and it will be send only at the scheduled date. You are also able to send more than 1 document in a queue as some machines gives this feature also.

2 . Sending fax online

As today everything is going digital so you can also send your fax with help of your tablet , laptop or computer online with an established internet connection. You can use the online available fax apps for sending your fax. You just need download and install any fax app and then open it , choose the file which you needed to send and you can also enter any text or information with the fax if you want to attach , now enter the asked contact details in the boxes like email address etc. After it just click on the option of SEND and then wait till the app gives you a notification of your fax sended successfully. This fax will be sended in the format of PDF or an image. You can even use these fax apps free of cost.

Fax Cover Sheet Word

Fax Cover Sheet Word 2018

A fax cover sheet is an document which is necessary and sended with the fax. You need to put up this cover sheet as first sheet in your fax machine so that it will be received first by the recipient. You needs to send this cover sheet with both of the methods either traditional or online faxing method a cover sheet is important requirement. Including a cover sheet is considered as a professional way of sending fax so that it becomes easy for the receiver to locate all of the important information with in the documents.

Fax Cover Sheet PDF

Fax Cover Sheet PDF, Fax Cover Sheet word

A fax cover sheet is a sheet of paper which is having all of the important and necessary information which is required for arranging the documents and makes them easy and quick to read. It is clearly mentioned in the cover sheet that by whom fax has been sended and for whom it also includes up the contact information which is of both the parties mentioned on this cover letter. A fax cover letter should include all of the below-mentioned information on it –

Mandatory information :

1 . Name of the company of sender

2 . Name of the company of receiver

3 . Date

4 . Fax number of sender

5 . Fax number of receiver

6 . Phone number of the sender

7 . Phone number of the receiver

8 . Total number of the pages being sent including the cover letter

Optional information :

1 . Logo of the company of sender

2 . Tagline of the company of sender

3 . Name of the individual of sender

4 . Name of the individual of receiver

5 . Physical or email address of the sender

6 . Physical or email address of the receiver

7 . Level of urgency

8 . Subject field

9 . Whether it is expected for a reply or not

10 . A short message for the documents of fax

Fax Cover Sheet Example

Fax Cover Sheet Example 2018, Fax Cover Sheet template 2018

We suggest you that try fax cover should is needed to be very simple and a part from any design or fancy element. If you are sending you fax for any creative business like birthday , Christmas , event invitation etc then you can use fancy cover sheet otherwise use a simple cover sheet for fax. There are also various fax cover sheet templates available online for your use free of cost which can be used on the spot without wasting much time and can be used easily without any problem they are also editable.

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