Fizziology has built a custom system for searching, scoring and warehousing meaningful social conversations.

Our proprietary social search aggregator, Centrifuge, plugs into the full Twitter firehose as well as APIs for Facebook, blogs, Tumblr and Instagram, providing access to hundreds of millions of consumer opinions.

Our human-centric approach allows us to triangulate relevant conversation around even the most commonly-named properties, like Brave, Gravity and Surface.

Our Social Media Analysts read the conversation to determine sentiment and intent and to find insights and trends that are bubbling up. Our ability to read and comprehend the conversation allows for limitless opportunities for data mining.

The social conversation is an amazing qualitative source of research, but making it a meaningful quantitative tool requires context. Fizziology can provide complete and accurate historical comps for any property or brand, putting today’s conversation in context and allowing better decision making to impact tomorrow’s conversation.

Centrifuge Photo