Fizziology was dreamed up in the summer of 2009. Co-Creators Jen Handley and Ben Carlson were working at independent ad agency Bradley and Montgomery (BaM). Ben was Chief Strategy Officer of the agency and Jen was the Media and Analytics Director. They saw a hole in the research world – while many aspects of the ad campaigns they would launch for brands like Microsoft, MTV and JPMorgan Chase could be measured and tracked, there was only anecdotal reporting on movement in the social conversation.

Convinced there would be an appetite for richer research in social, they built the heart of Fizziology – using technology to automate data collection and then using human sentiment analysis to create rich insights and accurate, trackable data. They realized that this engine would be best used looking across an entire industry, where comps, context and ultimately predictions could be generated. In October 2009, Ben and Jen, along with Mark Bradley and Scott Montgomery (the owners of the agency) launched Fizziology and targeted the movie industry. In less than 6 months, they were working with major Hollywood studios and had established a partnership with Variety Magazine.

From the unlikely, and cost effective, base of Indianapolis, Fizziology works with clients from LA to NYC to London. Ben and Jen have been featured in the LA Times, the Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Wired and spoken at industry events including OMMA Social, Digital Hollywood and CES.