2018 Printable Calendar with US & UK Holidays

As we all are aware that the new year 2018 is coming and everyone is making their schedules and planning for the coming year. There will be some work which has left in the 2017 year and you have to complete it in 2018 so planning is very necessary. There are only few more days left in 2018 and everyone is looking for the calendar of their countries.

National Holidays 2018

National Holidays 2018, Public Holidays 2018

Today we are going to share the printable calendar of 2018 for US & UK with the holidays of this year as there are different holidays for each country so today we are going to share the 2018 calendar with US & UK holidays for the citizens of US & UK. So , as we come to know that all types of holidays like bank holidays, federal holidays, school holidays, national holidays, company holidays all are different for every country so we will share the different and separate conversation for both US & UK.

Holiday Calendar 2018 

Holiday Calendar 2018, 2018 Calendar with Holidays

Everyone loves holiday and make several plans for them before it starts similarly there are some people who search for the printable calendars with holidays so that they can easily make their plans on those off days. We have brought the holiday calendar here for the US people you can download this printable calendar and then keep this with you and make your schedules. We are also providing you the list of holidays of USA which are going to fall in the coming year 2018.

Holiday Calendar 2018 USA


1 Jan 2018

New year’s day

15 Jan 2018

Birthday of M Luther King , Jr
14 Feb 2018

Valentine’s day

16 Feb 2018

Chinese new year

19 Feb 2018

Washington’s birthday / President day

11 May 2018

Daylight saving

17 March 2018

St. Patrick day
20 March 2018

Vernal equinox

01 April 2018


16 April 2018

Taxes due
25 April 2018

Admin Assistants day

05 May 2018

Cinco de Mayo

13 May 2018

Mother’s day

20 May 2018

28 May 2018

Memorial day

14 June 2018

Flag day
17 June 2018

Father’s day

21 June 2018

June Solstice

04 July 2018

Independence day

03 September 2018

Labor day
11 September 2018

Patriot day

23 September 2018

Autumnal equinox

08 October 2018

Columbus day
16 October 2018

Boss’s day

31 October 2018

04 November 2018

Daylight saving ( end )

11 November 2018

Veterans Day

22 November 2018


21 December 2018

December Solstice

25 December 2018

Christmas day

26 December 2018

Kwanzaa Begins

31 December 2018

New year’s Eve


Federal Holidays 2018

Federal Holidays 2018, national holidays 2018

UK School Holidays 2018

UK School Holidays 2018, UK Holidays 2018

So , we are sharing this list of holiday of US for the people’s or citizens of US which will going to help them in planning their holidays or making schedules of those days. You can plan anything with help of this holiday calendar on your off day manage your plans and then take a print out of the calendar which will remind you of the plans which you make. You can even mark up the important dates like birthdays , anniversaries etc which you can forget. It will really going to be very useful for the US people.

UK Public Holidays 2018

UK Public Holidays 2018, UK national Holidays 2018

Now , we are going to share the printable calendar of 2018 for UK peoples with the holidays of the upcoming year 2018. By these holidays UK citizens can make their plans in holidays without any tension just they need to download and print the calendar with list of UK holidays. It becomes very easy to make plans with help of these calendars. Here we are also providing you the list of UK holidays.

UK Holidays 2018

1 January 2018

New year’s day

11 February 2018

14 February 2018

Valentine’s day

11 March 2018

Mothering Sunday
17 March 2018

St. Patrick’s day

25 March 2018

Daylight saving ( start )

30 March 2018

Good Friday

1 April 2018


2 April 2018

Easter Monday

7 May 2018

May day

10 May 2018


20 May 2018

Whit Sunday

21 May 2018

Whit Monday
28 May 2018

Spring Bank holiday

17 June 2018

Father’s day

27 August 2018

Summer bank holiday

28 October 2018

Daylight saving ( end )
31 October 2018


30 November 2018

St. Andrew’s day

25 December 2018

Christmas day
26 December 2018

Boxing day

31 December 2018

New year’s Eve


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